The Players 2011: The 50 People Who Really Perform in Chicago

January 19, 2012

28 Sean Graney 
Founding director, The Hypocrites Theater Company

Sean Graney’s turned The Hypocrites style of theater into such a successful brand that he recently announced he’s stepping aside at the company he founded and handing the artistic director chores over to Halena Kays. (He’ll remain involved as “founding director.”) The reason? He’s been in such demand as a freelance director, especially lately at Court, that The Hypocrites have had a challenging time maintaining a consistent production schedule. And given the accolades that greeted his current stab at a musical, “Pirates of Penzance,” that’s a shame. Later this spring he’s off to St. Louis to take on Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis. Good for them, but let’s hope our local companies keep him busy in town.